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Favourite City Hunter Character


  • Ryo Saeba
  • Kaori Makimura
  • Saeko Nogami
  • Reika Nogami
  • Umibozu
  • Miki

Feel free to nominate your own in your reply if their names aren't here. ^^ Thus far, I actually thought Ryo is very good-looking when he displays the 'cool' side of him; when he's not up to his antics ^^" His goofy side provides comic relief so it's fine. So I should say that he's my fav chara for now! :D

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I love Kaori and Umibozo :P Theres just something thats so adorable about his awkward personality :3

Haha yeah! ^^ The guy's huge but is a nice guy really ^^ I wonder how he looks like w/out the shades :D Wd like to try his coffee too ^^"


Kaori but I heard she married ryo but left him and transplanted her heart to glass heart from Angel heart as she died in an accident ( personally I don't think it's true.)


Mm, I think the latter part where she left Ryo and transplanted her heart belongs to the Angel Heart universe. If I'm not wrong, the mangaka did specify that it's a parallel universe kinda thing ^^ so yea haha she probably died in the A.H story but presumably living in C.H :)