Commissioner Nogami
Gender: Male
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Affiliation: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept.
Family: Saeko Nogami(Daughter)
Reika Nogami(Daughter)
Yuika Nogami(Daughter)
Twin sisters(Daughters)
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Voice Actors
Japanese: Kinryū Arimoto
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Personality & AppearanceEdit


Police Chief Nogami has five daughters, in particular Saeko and Reika. With Saeko, he gets not only for their private life together, but often times even on duty. Police Chief Nogami has its principle - Private never mix into business . But his rules he has when it comes Saeko to marry off not one, she vigorously trying to put across. This vociferous war of words with her ​​result and he is also otherwise bring to easily upset. Although he should preserve as chief always the calm and considered action, but it is easy to nerve bundles and beads of sweat adorn his face.

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