Gender: Male
Weapon: Concealed weapons
Affiliation: Red Pegasus Syndicate
Family: None
Manga: -
Anime: Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese: Rokurō Naya
Korean: {{{Korean}}}
English: {{{English}}}

Personality & AppearanceEdit

He wears a white shirt and black pants beneath a black cloak. His slick black hair is combed back, leaving one or two stray strands of hair on his front. Not much is covered on his history but a cunning side of him is revealed in the anime.


In the anime, General is a hired assassin working for the drug syndicate. He was sent to kill Hideyuki, among others.


In the anime, much of his abilities are not elaborated but he is shown to rely on his weapons that he conceal. He is able to play the piano.


He has concealed weapons on his right.

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