Kaori Makimura
槇村 香
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Gender: Female
Weapon: Bazooka
Affiliation: City Hunter Team
Family: Hideyuki Makimura (Adoptive older brother)
Ryo Saeba (Husband)
Manga: Chapter 3
Anime: Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese: Kazue Ikura
Korean: Myeong-seon Lee

The heroine of the series and Ryo's current tomboyish partner of the present. 

Personailty & AppearanceEdit

Although sporting a good figure as a woman, she's a bit of a tomboy and a running gag is that she is frequently mistaken for a bishōnen-looking man, which often leads to embarrassing situations. 


City HunterEdit

Kaori forms the team "City Hunter" with Ryo, which formerly, Kaori's brother, Hideyuki Makimura , was a part of. She is primarily responsible for arranging clients and other managerial tasks. 

Angel HeartEdit

She also appears in "Angel Heart", a work based on a parallel world of 'City Hunter'. Proceed here to learn more about it.


Ryo Saeba (冴羽 獠)Edit

She is in love with Ryo. Although in the beginning, it seems that he has no feelings towards her, as the series progress there are multiple hints of Ryo having feelings for Kaori. Ryo's skirt-chasing escapades rouse her wrath repeatedly throughout the series, resulting in his punishment with her mallet usually. At the end of the manga, it is hinted they got married.

Hideyuki Makimura (槇村 秀幸)Edit

In reality they share no blood relations, instead Kaori was brought back by Hideyuki's father while he was pursuing a suspect. In fact, her real name is revealed to be Hisaishi Kaori(久石 香).

Sayuri Tachiki (立木さゆり)Edit

Kaori's real sister, a career-woman who works at the "Weekly News Magazine" as the Editor-in-Chief. Both sisters carry a keepsake ring left by their birth mother. Sayuri initially wants to reunite with Kaori and intends to live in America together. However, she changes her mind as she didn't want to destroy what Kaori and Ryo shared (Tachiki is their mother's maiden name).

Hisaishi Junichi (久石純一)Edit

Kaori's biological father, a criminal suspect who died in an accidental death. He was divorced with Kaori's mother. Kaori was just an infant when her foster father brought her home.


Kaori inherited her brother's Smith & Wesson Model 36 small revolver as a keepsake, which has a loading capacity of five rounds. However, due to Ryo's intervention of engineering the revolver into one which is unable to hit a target, Kaori's marksmanship thus remains currently poor and yet to be fairly concluded. This is done so that her hands would not be stained with blood and used only as self-defense.


Her favourite weapon is a bazooka or a mallet (usually seen labelled 10 to 100 gigatonnes or divine retribution,etc) to punish Ryo for his womanizing escapades. In the manga, the mallet's use was only shown to strike but in the anime, it was also thrown like a boomerang.