Reika Nogami
Gender: Female
Weapon: COP 357 Magnum 4 Canons Derringer
Affiliation: R.N Detective Agency
Family: Commissioner Nogami(Father)

Saeko Nogami(Sister)
Yuika Nogami(Sister)
Younger Twin Sisters

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Voice Actors
Japanese: Yoshino Takamori
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English: Katherine Catmull

Saeko's younger sister and the private investigator of "RN Detective Agency".

Personality & AppearanceEdit


Introduced halfway through the manga and the first season, Reika is Saeko Nogami's younger sister.

She runs the "RN Detective Agency" (RN being her initials), right next to Ryo's apartment. She worked in the Tokyo Police Department, like her sister Saeko, before becoming a detective.

She's as manipulative as her older sister Saeko using her charms on Ryo. On the opposite to her " lawful" sister who despite the fact they're as much as manipulative than the other, Reika being also a P.I. will never miss a chance to make profits whatever case she's given. But she's still goodhearted and will do charitable/good actions if the context pushes her to do so.


Saeko NogamiEdit

Saeko is Reika's older sister.

Ryo SaebaEdit

Reika proves to be just as feisty as her in rejecting Ryo's advances. It is hinted a few times that she has a little crush on Ryo but knows about Kaori's feelings for him and will not stand in her way.


Reika uses a COP 357 Magnum 4 Canons Derringer